The “Malambo Argentino” Academy is the natural place where all dancers of the same name Ballet have learnt to dance


“Malambo Argentino” Academy arose on 20th March, 2000, in Piedritas, a village in General Villegas, Province of Buenos Aires under the direction of Gastón Santiago Courreges, teacher of Native and Folklore dances. It was here where a lot of children learnt to dance.

It depends on “El Cimarrón” Institute and more than a hundred children and adolescents have passed along it. Some of them entered the ballet and were part of it for a short time but others are nowadays in the Ballet. During the last years some dancers who can dance other types of music entered the ballet.

The history is short but the activity of the group has been intense. They have been on a lot of stages, in our country, in small towns and big cities sharing their presentations with local artists and others of national and international fame. In foreign countries the Ballet has been in several countries of America and Europe.

At the moment the Ballet, together with the children and adolescents of the Academy, form the ASOCIACIÓN CIVIL ACADEMIA MALAMBO ARGENTINO, legal entity that links both.

It interprets folk rhythms of all the Argentinean regions, including the citizen music, denomination that receives the genus Tango.