• Intervention in the Folkloric Summer organized by the Municipality of General Villegas. Performances in Piedritas and General Villegas.
  • Participation in the animation of private parties.
  • Gala at the Spanish Theater of General Villegas, next to the Municipal School of Folklore and Tango.
  • Gala de Folklore and Tango en Piedritas, with the accompaniment of the Academia Malambo Argentino and the Municipal School of General Villegas
  • International Tour “Europe 2017” participating in the “Belgrade Award 2017” Belgrade-Serbia; “Werelddans-festival Schagen” Schagen Netherlands and “51st International Folklore Festival Zagreb” Zagreb-Croatia and Folklore Festival Beltinci Slovenia.


  • Performed in the Folkloric Summer organized by the Municipality of General Villegas. Performances in Piedritas and General Villegas.
  • Participation in the Carnival of Lincoln, sharing stage with the musical group “Tengo pal Truco”, numerous local artists and a figure of national and international size as Amelita Baltar.


  • Performed in the Municipal Folkloric Summer.
  • Presentation in the locality of Piedritas


  • Gala of Folklore and Tango in Piedritas, Buenos Aires with the Academy of the Ballet and also the Escuelas Municipales of General Villegas and Rivadavia.
  • International tour “Netherlands and Belgium 2014” participating in the SIVO Festival Odoorn and Werelddansfestival in Edegem.
  • Performance in Jorge Newbery Club of the city of Lincoln, accompanied by the musical group “Tengo pal Truco” with whom it will realize the European Tour 2014
  • Gala in the Spanish Theatre of the city of América, Rivadavia District.
  • Performance in Lincoln –Buenos Aires- in the inauguration of the “Carnivals 2014”, invited by Music Band “Tengo pal Truco”, sharing
  •  scene with many local artists
  • Performances in the ‘Folklore Summer’ in General Villegas District: Bunge, Coronel Charlone, Cañada Seca, Piedritas, Villa Sauze and also in General Villegas, acting on the stage with the ‘Municipal School of Folklore and Tango’ sharing the show with the group “Guitarreros” from Salta.


  • Solidarity contribution, with two presentations at  Sociedad Rural Argentina in Palermo, Buenos Aires, for  the 32th edition of the Fair of Nations organized by COAS-Cooperative Social Action-a benefit of public hospitals of the city of Buenos Aires.
  • Gala in  Spanish Theatre General Villegas, with  Municipal School of Folklore and Tango.
  • Participation in the competition, organized by the Academy “Añoranzas” of the city of Firmat (Santa Fe, Argentina). Getting  the Award  for  Best delegation,  with  the Municipal School of Folklore and Tango.
  • Participation  in  the  celebration  of  the  Spring  Day  in  the  Municipal  Park  of  General  Villegas
  • International tour “CENTRAL EUROPE 2013” on the stages of BULGARIA-Razgrad, Loznitsa and Zavet- ROMANIA-Bistrita- and  SERBIA-Pirot, Obrenovac, Belgrade, Sremska Mitrovica and Ruma-
  • Performances in the Folklore Summer in General Villegas District, acting on the stage with the Municipal School of Folklore and Tango and well-known artists,famous in the region and in the whole country, such as Raly Barrionuevo. “Malambo Argentino” also danced in its own place, Piedritas


  • Spanish Theatre in General Villegas in the official debut of the  Municipal School of Folklore and Tango.
  • Miguel Angel Estrella”Auditorium in San Miguel de Tucumán in the show offered by “Los de Tucumán” to celebrate their 30 years with music
  • Gala Night in Piedritas on the occasion of the 162° Anniversary of the death of General José de San Martín.
  • Gala event in Emilio V.Bunge because of the 196° celebration of our Independence.
  • In General Villegas, in the folklore summer night, sharing the stage  with Soledad Pastorutti.
  • Performances in Emilio V.Bunge and Santa Regina.


  • Presentation in the Holstein Expo in Coronel Charlone
  • International artistic tour “ITALY 2011” going over stages in Toscana, Molise, Puglia and Sicilia
  • Acting in Coronel Charlone to celebrate 100 years of the building of “Sagrado Corazón de Jesús” Church
  • Presentation in Cañada Seca on the occasion of the 191 years of Manuel Belgrano´s death.
  • Performance in the Rural Exposition in General Villegas
  • Presentation in the 101° Anniversary of the foundation of Curarú, Carlos Tejedor.
  • Gala in the Spanish Theatre, General Villegas
  • Acting in the First Folklore Festival in the Rural Association in Rosario.
  • Acting in Sansinena (Rivadavia)
  • Performance during the celebration of the 106° Anniversary of Timote ( Carlos Tejedor)
  • Presentation in the folklore summer nights in Piedritas and General Villegas


  • International Tour: Presentation of one couple in the 13th Festival of Art and Culture in Zaguesazipa and performances in Cundinamarca and Tolima in COLOMBIA.
  • International Tour: A group of dancers representing “El Cimarrón” Institute danced in PORTUGAL and SPAIN, including the CANARY ISLES.
  • Taking part in the opening of the Second District Conference of the international Rotary Club in the golden room of General Villegas Town Hall.
  • Dancing in the public festivities during the Bicentenary of the Argentine Republic.
  • Participation in the Anniversary of “El Cimarrón” Institute en Achával (Santa Fé)
  • Performance in the festivities in Villa Sauze centenary, sharing the stage with El Chaqueño Palavecino
  • Acting in the folklore summer nights.


  • Presentations in several villages of General Villegas
  • Competition in Pergamino
  • Acting in the Anniversary of “El Cimarrón” Institute in Chabas (Santa Fé)


  • PORTUGAL and SPAIN International Tour
  • Performances in some villages in General Villegas.


  • FRANCE and ENGLAND International Tour. A group of dancers took part, with San Nicolás ballet, to represent “El Cimarrón” Institute
  • Anniversary of “El Cimarrón” Institute in Capitán Bermúdez (Santa Fé)


  • Tour around the north west of Argentina dancing in Jujuy and Tucumán.
  • Presentation to celebrate the Anniversary of “El Cimarrón” Institute in Canals (Córdoba)
  • Some members of the Ballet took part in a malambo of more than one hundred dancers to accompany the singer Soledad Pastorutti in Cosquín and on a second night they danced folklore music.


  • Performance in the central show to celebrate Piedritas centenary, with Soledad Pastorutti.
  • Presentation of a group of malambo dancers in the Pepsi Music Show (Obras Stadium) in Buenos Aires, with Soledad Pastorutti.
  • Some of the dancers went to Italy with other members of “El Cimarrón” Institute. They were in ITALY -Lazio, Amalfitana coast and Sicilia-.
  • Several dancers of the ballet went to BOLIVIA and PERÚ to represent Cosquín festival.
  • ”Malambo Argentino” played host during the anniversary of “El Cimarrón” Institute in Piedritas


  • Some members of our ballet, with a group of “El Cimarrón” Institute participated, together with other eighty-seven nations in the CIOFF III World Folklore Event in HUNGARY. They also went to CZECH REPUBLIC and the SLOVAK REPUBLIC.
  • Performance in a competence in Wheelright (Santa Fé).


  • Performance in a contest in Mendoza. The won such competition.


  • Organization of a festival on occasion of Mother´s Day in Piedritas.


  • The director and some dancers of “El Cimarrón” Institute represented Argentina in the 4th International Folklore Festival in Olimpia, BRAZIL.


  • The director travelled to Canada with “El Cimarrón” Institute to take part in the World Event of Cultures.